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I’m pretty lame actually. He had caught you and your boyfriend, Ashton doing something you would have never wanted your brother to catch you doing. No hooking up with or dating one of his band mates if you came on tour with them. You respect your older brother and hate to disappoint him but Ashton was worth it. You better keep your mouth shut. How long has this been going on? We sat next to each other on the plane and talked for hours.

Is This A 5SOS Or One Direction Song?

School clothes, work clothes, clothes for hanging out with friends. To go hang out with your friends, and even just to go shopping. You know what to wear, though- you watch TV. The red dress slides over your body as if it was made to fit you. Every part of you fits perfectly, but you pull the hem down impatiently. You know your brother, Calum, wants to check your outfit before you leave.

Request: Pleeease do ablurb on jealous 5sos! I am really craving some overprotective jealousy calum right now haha anyway your blog is great and so is your writing! I am really craving some overprotective jealousy calum right now haha anyway your blog is great and so is your writing!

Report Story “This is just relationship Calum raised an eyebrow, half listening as he was actually working while you were flicking through a free Sydney magazine that you could always find lying around the town in random places. Couples are the ones that can actually afford to be there, single people should be the ones getting the discount. The food is the best food I’ve ever eaten. It makes you want to cry rainbows it’s so good.

Soon, everyone ignored the fact you were just going to a restaurant together and were talking about how the two of you were now dating.

Impossible to get over.

I hope you still like it!! Remember to message me with requests, I do them all! Right after Michael had put the movie on, he tried his best to stay manly, and put together.

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Hey guys, this is based on this request. I worked really hard on it and I hope you guys like it, also, I tried a new style of writing on this one so let me know what you think! However, the voice came back and continued relentlessly nitpicking at my body: Wrapping my arms around my body I sob and feel all of my ugly bumps, wanting some escape from the chanting in the back of my head and the words the fans wrote flashing across my eyes.

I knew I could call Michael, but something was holding me back. The next day was hard. I ended up crying myself to sleep the night before and I woke up with dried tears on my cheeks and a stuffy nose. I sigh and lay in bed for a few minutes to find the motivation to get out of bed before I swing my legs over the edge and walk towards the bathroom.

After I wash my face and go to the bathroom, I walk out to the kitchen and look at the food in the fridge only to close the door and walk away. My appetite is gone, replaced by an empty, sinking feeling slowly dragging my feet down on the ground.

5SOS Preferences

The reason you were unsure was because of what they asked you to do, which you did not expect, especially from Luke. But after a while of talking they finally convinced you into helping them. Ashton groaned as he rolled over, trying to keep the sun that was coming through the blinds from hitting his eyes, and felt his arm drape over something, or someone.

A high pitch scream escaped him and he jumped back, resulting in him falling off the bed. You groaned and buried your face in a pillow. Why are you in my bed?!

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Your ex physically hurts you Liam: You were home alone at your flat that you lived in with Liam while he was out grocery shopping when you heard a rapid knocking at the door. You opened the door to find your ex standing there angrily. You screamed, on the floor while your ex kept kicking you violently.

Harry reached over to your eyes and yanked the glasses off your head revealing a huge black eye. You were at a club with Niall having an amazing time just hanging out and dancing lie crazy. You were dancing alone to the music when suddenly a familiar face walked up to you and started to grind against you.

5SOS Preferences

Luke going into subspace in a really inappropriate place. Like the two of you were fooling around in a storage closet backstage and as soon as Luke comes you can tell he’s in subspace and you feel so bad cause you can’t give him the care he needs and he has to go on stage soon. So yeah, the moment he came you could tell he had dropped.

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August 13, 4: You visit Ashton at the airport and the fans make fun of you. I was siting on the couch in the living watching TV; my alarm went off at 4: It indicated that I had to get ready to be at the airport to see Ashton. I was excited seeing my boyfriend for the first time in months. All I wanted to do is kiss that drummers face.

I quickly took a shower and put some black jeans and a tank top on. I looked at the time, it was 4: Grabbing my car keys and phone, I quickly left the house. As I reached a stoplight, I got a text from Ashton.

Preference #1: You’re dating ____ but another member likes you.

I won’t have enough time to update this every day, so sorry in advance. You two get into a fight. You two were getting into a heated fight in your living room after you found out that he had been flirting with various fans and celebrities while on tour.

Imagine # He finds you cutting.. Harry: You’re helping your boyfriend Harry get ready to go to work at the recording studio, you stayed home to do some assessments for Uni and a bit of housework.

You have been sharing an apartment with your boyfriend for a month now. Once the door is shut, you start to cry and you call your best friend, Calum. You see Calum with two suitcases. Once everything is in your bags, you load them into your car. I always knew you were a dirty slut. You buckle your seatbelt and Calum takes your hand in his.

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Luke You and Luke had been dating for almost a year, and a major life decision was in the cards. You and Luke were seriously considering moving in together, but you were a bit reluctant. The last time you had lived with a guy, you had been nineteen and carefree, and after one night, you were nineteen, pregnant, and alone in an unfamiliar city. Not that you would have traded that for anything now, because you had Marcus.

At twenty-two, there was so much you wanted to do, but was this really one of them? Marcus loved Luke, and the feeling was reciprocated.

Michael Clifford Imagine – He Gets Protective. Thanks to the anon that requested this:) also thanks to everyone who snapchatted me ily all ^~^ You’d always been pretty close with your family, especially your cousins, although your relationship was a bit of a complicated one with insults being jokingly thrown at every opportunity but you knew they loved you to bits really.

What more could you ask for? Feel free to request imagines, prefs or outfits and we’ll get to them as soon as possible: Things were not good. You and your boyfriend Alex were fine at first but then he became violent. Everything you did seemed to piss him off and made him put his hands on you. He’d always apologize though and let you know how sorry he was for it, and you accepted his apology only to get hurt again in the end.

You were currently hiding away in your bathroom trying to get away from him.

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