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Set the parking brake and block the drive wheels, then warm the engine to normal operating temperature. Shut the engine OFF and connect the a timing light to the No. If using a non-inductive type, connect an adapter between the No. If using an inductive type, clamp it around the No. If using a magnetic type, place the probe in the connector located near the damper pulley; this type must be used with special electronic timing equipment. Do not under any circumstances pierce the insulation of a spark plug wire in order to connect the timing light.

Timing light

Useful Tools and Gadgets: A timing light is a necessary tool for not only checking and setting your timing, but also for performing simple ignition diagnostics for instance, you can clip the inductive clamp to ANY of the spark leads to check that the distributor is sending spark for that cylinder – of course, it may be grounding at the plug, but OPEN plug circuits are trivial to detect with this simple test.

DO NOT get a cheap “inline” timing light – the type that you connect by removing a spark lead from the distributor, and inserting some probe usually something like a spring , and tap the line that way. They’re cheap, and with the voltages present in even a typical ignition system 25Kvolt , you can get in trouble, but with a high energy system with voltages from 40 to 50Kvolt or more!

It’s important that the car is turned off prior to lead hook up and car is turned off before unhooking the leads. Also you have to press the on/off button to turn the timing light on or off. Be sure to turn off the timing light before shutting off the car and disconnecting the leads. Hope it lasts a while/5(35).

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Jan 23,  · Shut the engine OFF and connect the a timing light to the No. 1 spark plug (right front L engine, left front L engine or front plug on in-line engines): If using a non-inductive type, connect an adapter between the No. 1 spark plug and the spark plug wire; DO NOT puncture the spark plug wire, for this will allow a voltage arc.

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Back to Frequently asked questions i Timing Timing your engine is not difficult and the results will astound you for the improvements afforded other problems from idle settings to optimum mileage. It is assumed that you have already performed the Ljetronic Throttle Body Adjustment. All you need to do the job is a timing light and a 10 mm wrench. A reasonably competent friend is a good idea for increasing amusing banter and decreasing the time you ‘ ll otherwise spend running around the front bumper adjusting the distributor and checking the results with the timing light.

Lights vary slightly in their hook ups so read the directions. The one pictured above is fairly standard, attached to the battery and 1 plug wire as noted.

Timing belt changes – some useful tips. Toothed rubber timing belts were used on many Land Rovers through the s and 90s, including Defender ( diesel and turbodiesel, and TDi), Discovery and Range Rover ( and TDi).

I had my vacuum advance hooked up to the ported vacuum port after reading this article I hooked it up to full manifold vacuum adjusted the idle rpm. The car has so much more power now. As many of you are aware, timing and vacuum advance is one of my favorite subjects, as I was involved in the development of some of those systems in my GM days and I understand it. Many people don’t, as there has been very little written about it anywhere that makes sense, and as a result, a lot of folks are under the misunderstanding that vacuum advance somehow compromises performance.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I finally sat down the other day and wrote up a primer on the subject, with the objective of helping more folks to understand vacuum advance and how it works together with initial timing and centrifugal advance to optimize all-around operation and performance. I have this as a Word document if anyone wants it sent to them – I’ve cut-and-pasted it here; it’s long, but hopefully it’s also informative.

This requires that lean mixtures have “the fire lit” earlier in the compression cycle spark timing advanced , allowing more burn time so that peak cylinder pressure is reached just after TDC for peak efficiency and reduced exhaust gas temperature wasted combustion energy. Rich mixtures, on the other hand, burn faster than lean mixtures, so they need to have “the fire lit” later in the compression cycle spark timing retarded slightly so maximum cylinder pressure is still achieved at the same point after TDC as with the lean mixture, for maximum efficiency.

The centrifugal advance system in a distributor advances spark timing purely as a function of engine rpm irrespective of engine load or operating conditions , with the amount of advance and the rate at which it comes in determined by the weights and springs on top of the autocam mechanism. The amount of advance added by the distributor, combined with initial static timing, is “total timing” i.

Vacuum advance has absolutely nothing to do with total timing or performance, as when the throttle is opened, manifold vacuum drops essentially to zero, and the vacuum advance drops out entirely; it has no part in the “total timing” equation. At idle, the engine needs additional spark advance in order to fire that lean, diluted mixture earlier in order to develop maximum cylinder pressure at the proper point, so the vacuum advance can connected to manifold vacuum, not “ported” vacuum – more on that aberration later is activated by the high manifold vacuum, and adds about 15 degrees of spark advance, on top of the initial static timing setting i.

When you accelerate, the mixture is instantly enriched by the accelerator pump, power valve, etc.

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You should always uninstall MegaTune before installing a newer version. You can uninstall MegaTune in three ways: Follow the directions and MegaTune will be removed. This document covers only the MegaSquirt-II hardware and v2. For other configurations, please see the developer’s site. At the top of this page is a list of all the menu items in MegaTune 2. Click on any of them to navigate to specific information on that topic.

Note that for 2. As of the 2. A number of the sensor readings are displayed, as well as some outputs. For example, the injector pulse width is the measure in milliseconds of how long the injector is opened for each pulse, regardless of how many times it is opened in a cycle. Duty cycle gives the percentage of time the injector is open irrespective of individual pulse duration. There is a bar gauge across the bottom of the window shows the oxygen sensor reading.


I plugged in VCDS from Ross Tech and it showed error code passenger seat side airbag igniter N resistance upper limit exceeded. I cleared it and it went away. The next time a passenger sat in the seat, the error code came back for good. Referring to VW’s TSB , it showed that a plug under the seat was causing the problem from occasional high resistance and was no longer used in production.

The fix is to redo some wiring to eliminate the plug. This also applies to error code for the driver’s side seat.

Aug 22,  · The timing light pickup detects this field and fires the light. So if there isn’t any current flowing(no electrons moving across the gap), there is no magnetic field around the plug wire so the timing light will not fire.

They require no battery and, in general, give good reliable service. They are harder to adjust, and it is not easy to adjust them using the method I gave in the Ignition Timing Page. Basically they come in two types, the Points type and the Electronic type. Let’s talk about the Points system first. That means there was no variable advance of the ignition timing. Most of the four-stroke engines had a variable advance. The reason for a centrifugal advance is this.

An engine is easier to start with the timing of the spark retarded from the place where it runs best. It also helps to prevent kick back. This is not much of a big deal with small two and four stroke engines but it IS a big deal with a large engine. This sends the piston backwards if you are kick starting, have your foot on the kick start lever and don’t kick hard enough.

In the worst case, it can snap back and break your leg. High Tension Magnetos have the ignition coil on the stator plate under the Flywheel. Let us start from the beginning.

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