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We first met pickers Mike and Frank who then introduced their office manager Danielle Colby as part of the team. Danielle was in charge of the nuts and bolts of Antique Archaeology in LeClaire, Iowa, while the guys were road tripping. As the show grew in popularity, a second storefront opened in Nashville, Tennessee. Colby is a true fan favorite, one part devoted Midwestern mama, one part Rosie the Riveter and two parts of steaming hot Bettie Page. Her look is rockabilly meets a sultry siren of yore and her rising popularity has allowed her to explore other business avenues and even consider producing film projects. American Pickers is a top show for us and we love the team of Danny D, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, as Danielle tethers them to the home ship storefront while doing the legwork and research to point the guys in the right direction.

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The store acts like their vault, as it is where they store and sell most of their finds. An Expensive Purchase As antique buyers, Mike and Frank are certainly used to having to open up their wallets and spend some money to make good purchases. You can imagine that sometimes you lose money on a buy and end up getting something for nothing. However, some buys are definitely more expensive than others. Of course, Hobo Jack is definitely not a hobo, as he not only sells frequently to the pickers, but he also works as a musician, having recorded and released some of his albums on his own.

When we think of the American Pickers Cast we think of Frank Fritz, Danielle Colby-Cushman and, of course, Mike Wolf. We know Antiques really cash out greatly, and that the show even fueled their business to whole new levels.

Wondering where you could find detailed information about celebrities you love so hard? For instance, about Mike Wolfe from American Pickers? However, now that you are here, all you are wondering about is his personal life. And by that, we meant get ready to know everything. The couple has relatively kept their married life details to the minimum, as their wedding pictures are not available. A post shared by Mike Wolfe mikewolfeamericanpicker on Jul 29, at 6:

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It has some of the highest ratings on the History Channel, and has been on the air for nearly 10 years. The entire premise of the show is that a couple of guys go around the United States picking antiques. Nothing is too strange or wacky for the guys. A lot of people like the negotiation process the guys go through, trying to get a price which will both give the person selling a good amount of money, but also at the same time, enabling the guys to make money on the sale as well.

Mike Wolfe Wolfe has an estimated net worth of $4 million, just like his American Pickers co-host Fritz. His first passion was antique bikes, which led him to bike racing.

The brother of a famous TV star, Mike Wolfe, Robbie’s family life was on the show after he made various appearances. The couple reportedly has sons and three beautiful daughters to whom the family man loves to dedicate his spare time. His sound relationship with his family is often exhibited on his social sites. He wished his daughter, Sunny, on her 15th birthday via an Instagram post on 12 January Robbie wishes valentines day to his wife Melanie and daughters in February Robbie Wolfe’s Bio Age: He has a sister named Beth Wolfie.

Moreover, the brothers love enjoying rides together on the highways, along with their TV appearances together. Robbie’s brother Mike wishes him on his birthday in April

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She is known as an American reality television personality for her work on the show American Pickers. She was raised by her parents as a Jehovah’s Witness in what she described as a “very loving but very strict household. However ultimately, her television career led to divorce. Wolfe officially asked her to work at the office of the famous Antique Archaeology shop after the History Channel bought the rights to the show. It premiered on January 18, and was ranked as the number one top-rated non-fiction series among total viewers and adults in September of that year.

But I think the shelf life of a roller derby girl is like three to five years.

Oct 08,  · “American Pickers” and Antique Archaeology were later removed as defendants, court records show. Fritz didn’t return calls asking for comment. “American Pickers” .

While nobody was looking, American Pickers has quietly become one of the most popular shows on cable, with the History Channel program regularly outranking former king Pawn Stars in the ratings. Is it because of the folksy duo of Mike and Frank? The non-stop delving into past Americana? The idea we could all do what they do? But under those glasses and punk rock look lies a very complex, fascinating woman. The interesting part is that neither Frank Fritz nor Danielle Colby worked with Mike Wolfe when he pitched the show to the production company that ultimately ended up making the show.

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Danielle Colby Cushman is an American television personality mostly recognized as the star of the History’s reality show, American Pickers. Apart from the television, she also works as a professional model and a burlesque dancer.

How rich is Frank Fritz from American Pickers? January 11, 1: Frank Fritz from American Pickers Born: History extract, fair use. Frank Fritz is the co-star of the popular show American Pickers. He grew up in Iowa and was good friends with his co-host of the show, Mike Wolfe. They met in junior high school and shared a common interest in old things. Frank loved collecting beer cans and rocks as a child, but as he got older he became interested in collecting vintage toys and cars, and anything with a motor.

He was working full time as a fire and safety inspector before leaving that career behind to pick full time. The first show had over 3 million viewers and to date it is one of the top ranked shows on the History Channel, at times with over 5 million viewers per episode. This documentary type show follows the pair on the road as they search old barns, farms, garages, and buildings for cast-off treasure. In addition to the popular show, Frank is partners with Mike in their shops, Antique Archaeology.

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I have received supportive letters, angry letters, threatening letters, but never a letter from any of the production companies that represent these programs, no they wouldn’t dare. They wouldn’t dare expose themselves to the scrutiny of the media as the legitimacy of these shows is unquestionable; they’re totally phony. American Pickers is no different. Mike Wolfe is the brainchild of American Pickers and what the audience watches is essentially a farce, it’s all for show.

And that’s the tell While Danielle researches potential leads, Mike and Frank attempt to track down potential sellers on the road.

Who is Mike Wolfe from American Pickers? Mike Wolfe was born on the 11th June , in Joliet, Illinois USA, and is a reality TV star, best recognized to the world as the co-host of the popular show “American Pickers” (), with Frank Fritz.

And that’s just what’s happened here: Danielle Colby wears more than one hat Ever the entrepreneur, American Pickers hottie Danielle Colby doesn’t limit herself to picking through junk looking for treasures. Before she gained fame on the History Channel hit series, she earned a living by working as a burlesque dancer, which she continues to do. But she doesn’t just dance. Her devotion to this art form is such that she’s also produced a documentary focusing on Tempest Storm, a legendary dancer with a decades-spanning career.

For a time, she also owned a little boutique of her own, 4 Miles 2 Memphis , which was located not far from American Pickers headquarters Antique Archeology.

How rich is Frank Fritz from American Pickers?

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American Pickers. Colby had been a close friend of Mike Wolfe for a decade before the concept of the show had even been developed. Once the show was sold to the History Channel, Wolfe asked Colby to work at the office of the antique shop Antique Archaeology.

Mike Wolfe is an American actor, producer, and writer. He is widely popular as the creator and star of the television show American Pickers which aired on History Channel. His debut as in the television was very successful as he was able to grab the attention of about 5. He was born in Joliet, Illinois, U.

And, he and his siblings were raised only by her mother after his parents got separated. Professional Life and Career When most of the kids were fantasizing the treasure hunt, he was already into picking and this was the only aim in his life. He started his passion at the age of six. He used to collect various items from different places of his home state and used to sell it in local antique shops.

But he was only famous for his profession after his own show American Pickers aired on the History Channel. He is the creator, co-host, and producer of his show. His first episode was the turnaround in his career. And it was able to be the most successful and highly rated debut television show. With more than 5.


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Mike Wolfe is the creator and host of the History Channel television show “American Pickers.” On the show, Wolfe travels the United States with his co-host Frank Fritz buying or picking various antique items.

And I can tell you for certain when they driving the backroads of “Pennsylvania” and are talkng to Danielle on the phone, they are actually 2 miles outside of Leclaire on Great River Road. I recognize the houses. And after all these years their still shooting only 2 miles away huh? Must be allot of choices of places to go in that little 2 miles. Or is this comment old enough that they had to branch out 3 miles??

Maybe not always, but I’m sure that a good portion of the conversations and silly antics are added later to spice the show up or add length and are sometime filmed at other locations instead of travelling many miles to the actual location picked. This guy probably didn’t even know where the city he says he lives in was until he looked on a map sitting in his house from Chicago.

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How did she become part of their life? Here then is our interview with Danielle Colby Cushman. I feel I know you and Mike and Frank. A — You know, I think a lot of people feel that way. Laughs People get that impression from us, like they know us. I hear that a lot.

Danielle Colby (born December 3, ) is an American reality television personality who co-stars on the History reality television show American Pickers.

Beautiful Danielle Colby is an American reality television personality. She describes herself as strong Pagan women. Danielle Colby was born on December 3, She spent her childhood in the place where she was born, Davenport, Iowa, U. She also has a sister. She was raised witnessing a Jehovahs witness.

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