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Dating in Japan is fun. Dating in any culture can be fun — if you go about it in the right way. The fact of the matter is, when you date in another country, it can be difficult to find a partner. Often the rules are different and things like that. Typically men especially white men have a much easier time finding potential partners in Japan — so I geared this post specifically for women looking for a male partner in Japan. Especially when given the fact that eventually you are going to have to communicate effectively. Walk around looking lost dress nicely and stand in front of a map [weird, right?

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The downstream impact was quickly felt, with selling hitting names across the global supply chain As of a week ago, the extent of the problems at Kobe Steel was still unfolding, and prompte the Nikkei newspaper to conclude that"the falsification problem has become an issue that could destroy international faith in Japanese manufacturing.

According to the Japanese newspaper,"employees involved in the data manipulation used the industry term tokusai to refer to shipping of products that did not meet the standards requested by customers”, the Nikkei source said.

The Port of Kobe lies on the northwestern shores of Osaka Bay in west-central Honshu, the main island of Japan. Capital of Hyogo prefecture, the Port of Kobe is about 10 nautical miles west-northwest of the Port of Osaka and some kilometers southwest of the Port of Nagoya. The combined cities of.

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Japanese Culture by H. Paul Varley This book deals with Japanese cultural history, primarily in the realm of the arts. A bit dry but a very informative read. A good book for building a foundation of understanding on the culture. A Geek in Japan: I was surprised at how accurate, well thought out, and concise a writing on the cultures and sub-cultures detailed of Japan.

Kobe is the capital of Hyogo Prefecture and one of Japan’s ten largest cities. Located between the sea and the Rokko mountain range, Kobe is also considered one of Japan’s most attractive cities. Kobe has been an important port city for many centuries.

Capital of Hyogo prefecture, the Port of Kobe is about 10 nautical miles west-northwest of the Port of Osaka and some kilometers southwest of the Port of Nagoya. The combined cities of Kobe and Osaka are Japan’s second largest urban area, and the Port of Kobe is Japan’s sixth largest city. In , more than 1. The Port of Kobe has been one of Japan’s most important ports for many years. In addition to its role in maritime commerce, the Port of Kobe is home to major steel and shipbuilding industries.

Other important industries in the Port of Kobe include the manufacture of small appliances, food products, and communications and transportation equipment. The city is linked with the rest of the nation by a complex network of rail lines, including those serving the famous Shinkansen bullet trains, and expressways. When it was opened in , the Port of Kobe’s Akashi Kaikyo Bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world.

Port History Archaeologists have discovered artifacts dating as far back as the Jomon period to BC that indicate people lived in the area of the Port of Kobe.

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I remember when I got to visit New York a few years ago, and it was a little underwhelming, because at that point I hardly cared about America — I was still spending my time watching and reading about Japan. So, even though Tokyo really is just another metropolis, it gave me many fuzzy feelings to simply walk around the concrete jungle, and to visit the areas I heard so much about. It sure made for a lovely New Year. I booked a night bus ticket instead, which was still a bit pricey since I travelled during a peak period.

And during the rest of the year they are even cheaper!

In Sogō Kobe (the big department store right in front of Sannomiya station) there is a Valentine’s special event called ‘Chocolate Paradise Event’ and it is open from January 23rd until February 14th on the 9th floor of the main building. This event features the special Valentine’s Day collection famous chocolatiers from all over the.

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His parents named him after the famous beef of Kobe , Japan, which they saw on a restaurant menu. Bryant was raised Roman Catholic. High school Bryant’s retired No. Bryant earned national recognition during a spectacular high school career at Lower Merion High School in Ardmore , which was located in the Philadelphia suburb of Lower Merion. He played on the varsity basketball team as a freshman.

Updated February 12, | Dating in Japan, Kansai If you are looking to take a partner out in Kansai during the romantic season this year, then look no further than this guide to the top dating spots in Kansai.

In the surrounding small towns and villages you’ll get a glimpse into Japan’s rich culture and traditions. Here you’ll discover scores of wooden residential homes, ancient temples, shrines and imperial gardens. Tokyo is truly a study in delightful contrasts. One of the best-known symbols of Japan, this iconic mountain has been considered sacred since ancient times and was even forbidden to women until the early s. Our minute Ropeway journey allows us to take in such spectacular views as the crystal-clear blue waters of Lake Ashi, the rising volcanic fumes of Owakudani and the grandeur of Mount Fuji on a fine, sunny day.

Stroll the area, if the weather is clear enjoy the views of Mt. Time to cross Lake Ashi on our pirate boat before we start our journey back to our cruise ship. It’s known for its modern architecture, nightlife and hearty street food. The 16th-century shogunate Osaka Castle, which has undergone several restorations, is its main historical landmark. It’s surrounded by a moat and park with plum, peach and cherry-blossom trees.

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Kobe Steel’s president, Hiroya Kawasaki, bowed deeply in a formal apology, lamenting that"Trust in our company has dropped to zero. Akihiro Tada, director of the ministry’s Manufacturing Industries Bureau, urged the company to move quickly in resolving the problems, which are thought to have affected many of the country’s largest manufacturers. The company, Japan’s third-largest steel maker, said in a statement late Wednesday that it had uncovered manipulation of data on steel powder used in metallurgy and also on high-tech materials used to create films used in computer chips.

The government has urged Kobe Steel to clarify the extent of the misconduct. The latest discovery was of falsification of data on tons of steel powder supplied to one customer in fiscal , between April and March

Japan, known as Nihon or Nippon (日本) in Japanese, is a nation of islands in East Asia.. Understand [] “Too lazy to be ambitious, I let the world take care of itself. Ten days’ worth of rice in my bag; a bundle of twigs in my fireplace.

SHARE High school students were long restricted by parents and schools when it came to dating, but a new survey shows that more than one-third of female high school students are now prevented from dating by their boyfriends. In the survey, 33 percent of female high school students said their boyfriends imposed restrictions on them. The survey also found that 27 percent of the female students said they suffered psychological violence such as verbal abuse.

In addition, 18 percent said their boyfriends coerced them into having sex and 15 percent of female high school students suffered physical violence from their partners. Male students also reported these experiences, but at much lower percentages. The common experience of abusive treatment was further evidenced by one-third of female high school students reporting they felt frightened by their boyfriends and 28 percent feeling they could not disobey their partners. This type of male control, which is another type of bullying, is a serious issue.

Like the habits developed in regular school classes, fear and intimidation experienced in early relationships can become ingrained, and become harder to break later in life. The key to curbing this problem is for young women to learn to be assertive.

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Posted on February 9, She tried to hug me but I got scared, started crying, and ran away. My father tried to bring me back to the room and told me it was okay. He told me that I had to be polite and come back to spend some time with my mother, who had come all the way from the United States to see me I was in Egypt then. Finally I went to spend time with her. This was the last time I saw my mother for a long time.

The Hyogo prefecture. in which you’ll find Kobe, full of sake houses, its history dating to the 17th century when methods were very much about hard graft and wood. Today, with the introduction of high-tech machinery, the Nada district accounts for 30% of the country’s production, with .

Satsuma The typical Satsuma ware we most of the time comes into contact with is a yellowish earthenware usually decorated with a minute decoration with Japanese figures, expressive faces or detailed oriental landscapes, or sometimes embellished with vivid dragons in relief. This ware is in fact an export product specifically designed in the mid 19th century to cater to the western export market. The Japanese themselves had very little interest in this ware.

From around the s to the early s at least twenty larger studios or factories were producing “Satsuma” wares of which much were of low quality and destined for the European and American export markets. Most of the marks below will detail this latter wares since this is what we see most of. At the same time, other artists were producing exquisite wares of the highest quality.

There were many masterpieces created during its heyday and several studios have created eternal fame for their names with these magnificent wares. Most high quality export ‘Satsuma’ is easily recognized by its finely crackled glaze and by the fact that its yellowish earthenware body does not “ring” when tapped.

The India Club , Kobe, Japan. A Documentary by Saakhi Singh.