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Campervan Electrics You’ve just bought a van and want to convert it into a camper van. One of the main things you will want to do is think in advance about power and how to install electrics into your campervan. If you have any plans whatsoever to sit in your campervan for an evening with the lights on, music playing, heater fan spinning away, then you should fit a second battery. This article has now been expanded into three comprehensive chapters on campervan electrics in the new Renwick’s Guides book Self Build Campervan Conversions. Disconnecting The Battery For many campervan conversion related jobs, the first thing you need to do is disconnect the battery. This is primarily to avoid electrocuting yourself, but also in some cases to prevent potential damage caused while doing the work. Reverse this procedure to re-connect it, all the time being very careful not to touch both terminals at once. Be especially careful when undoing a terminal with a socket wrench that you don’t twist it round and hit the other terminal You also need to be aware that connecting the positive terminal to anything metal while the negative earth lead is still connected will also result in a shock!

CARAVAN MAINS 2 WAY HOOK UP 16amp x 240v WATERPROOF SPLITTER motorhome camping

Translation Agency and Outsourcing Electricity in the Caravan: Of course everyone and their dog argued against me that it was simply not possible, but no, the solar panels are working absolutely magnificently and I am quite happy with them. My electrical needs are one to three laptops worth for 8 hours a day. For this I was advised to get two larger Watt solar panels, which nicely fit on the top of my roof.

I got them installed by a welder, who designed it so that they could be tilted in various ways and directions.

ISO – 13 Pin Trailer Connections. (NOTE: some pre caravans/trailers that use the 13 pin plug will not have implemented this, if you have just changed to a new tow vehicle, If you don’t have this relay, when you hook up the towed vehicle, the battery will be linked to the motorhome immediately and when you start the.

If you can get a splitter so you can plug your cable into the mains socket on the site without disconnecting someone else then so much the better. Thanks for this however wont i need something that converts the big round caravan plug into a french domestic 2 pin plug? This is what you wil need even if staying on Houx: Although if you arrive after Wednesday night you will probably be hooking up with a neighbours supply rather than from the main hook-up point as they will already be taken.

Last year we had our neighbours plugged into our extension lead in the campervan I’m camping at Houx, I figured you just took an adapter and plugged it into their mains and ran a UK extension off of it. Why do you need one of these convertors? That is the connection to connect into the main electrical points on the site, then you connect your normal electrical supply lead into that ETA: There are not very many hook up points, a couple of years ago we used over 20m of supply lead to get the power from the hook up point back to the van Edited by spdpug98 on Monday 19th April

Someone else unplugging your hook up

This page is only to give a brief overview of charging circuits for vehicle etc. Whilst the drawings can be used as working drawings to carry out an installation, they are also intended to show the simplicity of some of the Sterling Power products. Split charge relay Charging an additional battery can be quite simple, however some people are concerned about flattening their engine starter battery vehicle battery as well as their auxiliary battery.

Its quite simple to safely keep batteries isolated from one another when the engine is not running, thus preventing accidental draining of the vehicle battery. This is done by using a relay that is activated from the alternator. This simple circuit is commonly known as a ‘split charge relay circuit’ I have tried to make the following drawing as simple as possible.

Order Code Description Price (ex VAT) Price (inc VAT) Quantity; GW v 16 Amp To 13 Amp 3 Pin Adaptor – Blue.

Regrettable sale of Unimog s radio box campervan conversion. The conversion was intended for overland travel through either Africa or South America. However, due to work and other commitments this did not occur and I have had to settle with a shorter excursion and successful shake down test! Key features are detailed below: Designed as 2 man overland expedition vehicle.

MOT recently renewed – next due May Free road tax due to historic vehicle status. Portal axles provide excellent ground clearance.

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Portable gas heaters connect to your home gas supply by means of a gas bayonet fitting. The connectors consist of male and female fittings. But how do these work? Read more for additional information and an important money saving tip… Female Bayonet Fitting The female fittings are permanently attached to your wall or floor and the supply gas line is connected to it through the wall or floor. The female fittings have two locking lugs that are used to engage the male fitting and lock it in place.

A rubber O-ring seals the connection.

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So, you’re tired of squinting at 2 snowy channels while your neighbor is watching the Big Game on his wiz-bang satellite system? Just not sure where to begin to get a satellite for your very own? Boy, are you in luck, because this article is for you! We are going to concentrate on the hardware basics here I’m not going to get into a big discussion of which satellite TV vendors offer the best deals or the best programming or the best price.

The market is so changeable that anything I could tell you right now would probably be horse apples by the time you read this. The technology is advancing at a staggering rate and even the once impossible direct satellite Internet connection is becoming available but expensive! No, what we’re going to discuss here are the nuts and bolts of installing and using a satellite system in your RV.

Some opinions on programming options and vendors will be included at the end of the article.

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Whether it is solar panels, disability access or movers, we can supply and fit all your caravan modifications. The unit runs off of the 12 volt leisure battery on your van, ideal for disabled caravanning. Probably the only removable mover on the market, therefore not losing any ground clearance under the chassis. The motors are easily removed and replaced for convenience. This model comes complete with battery and controller all mounted in a briefcase for ease.

However it can be confusing trying to decide between the different types and sizes of caravan solar panels available.

This Blue IEC 16 Amp Male Wall Mount Appliance Inlet is a single phase connector that is commonly found on UK & European Campsites and Marinas. Why not install this at home, inside or outside, to plug in you mains hookup lead to when your caravan or motorhome is on the driveway?

Get your free email newsletter with updates on Freeview Enter Email Address: Aerial Splitters and Boosters On this page, we offer advice on how to split an aerial feed so that it will feed multiple rooms or bits of equipment. We also discuss signal boosters. How do I split my aerial feed? You would typically need to split an aerial feed if you wanted to connect your TV aerial to a TV and a recorder, or if you wanted to split the aerial feed so that it could feed two Freeview digital TV receivers in your home.

There are two types of way to split an aerial: These are typically “T” or “Y” shaped metal of plastic. Assuming you’re in a decent Freeview signal strength area, you’re not using cheap aerial cabling, and you’re not running cables over along distance, one of these should do the job. Aerial splitters are available from www.

Note that the TV aerial has to be connected to the ‘foot’ of the ‘T’ or ‘Y’ for the correct result An aerial cable splitter 2. A signal booster with multiple outputs. Get a signal booster with multiple outputs – as these have an amplifier, they can help to reduce signal loss when connecting over a long cable run, or where a splitter is introducing interference.

See below for more on signal boosters. Signal boosters and amplifiers Signal boosters are mains-powered units that amplify an aerial signal.

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Will power heating items but to a limited degree and for a limited time 12 volt appliances can be connected to any of the following power sources: Fitted with two crocodile clips an appliance can be connected direct to a car or leisure battery. Fitted with a cigarette lighter plug an appliance can be connected direct to a car.

Motorhome Camper Caravan Accessories Spare Parts Horsebox Narrowboat Self build Interior equipment specialist racevan T5 HOME MAINS WALL MOUNT BLUE 16A HOOK UP SOCKET. MLHMWS. £ MAINS ADAPTOR LEAD UK 3 PIN SOCKET. MCLSKT. MAINS LEAD SPLITTER ADAPTOR 16A+UK 3PIN. MLSP2UK. £ MAINS OUTLET SOCKET FLUSH WHITE. MOUTW.

ISO is broken into two parts: The standard title always identifies the year and revision in its title: The current standard specifies the following pin allocations the table is exactly as per the standards document: Although it will seem cheaper at the time, in the long run it could cost you a lot more in revisiting the installer and fault-finding.

In fact most manufacturers now state that installing a non manufacturer approved electrical towing kit will invalidate any vehicle warranty and could compromise any on-board vehicle electrical safety systems. Unfortunately some vehicle manufacturers OEM and vehicle specific electrical towing kits are not fully compliant and do not include connections for the fridge Pin10 of charging the leisure battery Pin 9.

Important Some vehicles use the trailer grounding Pin 12 to signal to the vehicles ECU that a trailer is connected. The ECU uses this information in various ways — to change the ABS settings, alter the ESP programme and mute the reverse sensors if fitted along with on some vehicles turn off the rear fog lights on the vehicle. It is important then that you do not make any modifications to the trailers electrical system that affects the ground connection between Pin 12 and Pin 3 on your trailer.

Some vehicles do not use pin 12 to detect if a trailer is connected, they detect the presence of a trailer by sending signals via the CANBUS system to detect if trailer lights are present on the 13 pin towing socket.

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Step 1 I picked a spot that was in between the door frame and opposite wall to start drilling, about a foot above the ground. Comes out clean on the outside. You’ll want to leave the bit sticking out so you can feed the coax back inside. Step 2 I took some existing cable and cut one of the ends, exposing the inside wire for better handling when feeding it back through the wall. Step 3 I fed through the exposed end of the coax from the inside of the cable box so that the end with a connector can be added to the splitter.

Location: Italy. Model: Unimog L38 Raised Crew-Cab. Owner’s description: This , km Unimog has been lovingly kept and customized to specific personal standards, destined as an overland travelling unit for 4/5 people in any conditions, and with maximum comfort.

How to attach a Right Angle CoAx connector plug We recommend that all Log Periodic aerials are tilted up a few degrees at the front end installed outside, this is not relevant for loft installs. Both the models of DM Log we sell are supplied with tilting clamps to easily facilitate the necessary elevation. Unfortunately the Log36 does not come with a tilting clamp, and furthermore cannot be retro fitted with one either.

Now, call me cynical if you like, but I think ensuring the front of a Log36 is tilted up slightly probably involves bending the aerial a little……. Not that I think that would do anything particularly harmful to it or its performance. Some customers actually tilt the pole on the slots in the bracket which then introduces the requisite slight upwards tilt on the aerial. On the subject of keeping water out of aerial junction boxes I have to say I think trying to stop water getting into them is very difficult.

You, on the other hand, do know, so can take the appropriate action! Basically most amps with line power have an auto switch off for the 12V which does this by detecting the presence of the short circuit which most aerials present.

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