By Kevin Casper Professional Guitarist Guitar collectors have begun turning their attention to the vintage Japanese electric guitar market. At one time, some people thought that Japanese guitar companies only made cheap knock off guitars. Nowadays, many of those guitars that were once slighted are highly sought after. Some of the most desirable vintage Japanese guitar companies and models are listed below. Popular Vintage Japanese Electric Guitar Models When Japanese guitar manufacturers began cracking into the western guitar market in the s, they were known for producing replica guitars of popular models by Fender and Gibson. Initially, these instruments were thought of as cheap imitations of the originals, and they weren’t given much respect. As the years have gone by, many of these guitars are now more sought after than the originals because of their quality materials and exceptional workmanship. Greco Guitars – Greco Guitars hit their heyday in the s and s when they produced replica guitars of Gibson, Fenders and some Rickenbacker and Gretch replicas. They also produced Gibson and Martin acoustic replicas as well as a metal body guitar named the Talbo.

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Andy with one of his Music Man Silhouette guitars. Ultimately, two guitarists were tapped, and Powell and Ted Turner began forging their twin-lead arrangements. The original foursome recorded four studio albums, a self-titled debut , Pilgrimage , Argus , and Wishbone Four A live album, Live Dates, was released in late Powell was technically the only participant on the first effort, Trance Visionary, while the followup, Psychic Terrorism, included Powell and other then-band members.

I think it worked pretty well for what it was supposed to be.

Jul 05,  · I have a Greco Flying V from and it’s amazing. There was a period starting around to about I think when they made the ‘Mint Collection’. These are generally regarded as being the best Greco’s available and they were identical copies of Gibson guitars, down to the last details.

Originally the Epiphone models were made in the same factory as the Gibson guitars, by the same craftspeople using the same materials and often with the same features as Gibson models, but manufacturing of most of the Epiphone instruments was switched to Asia sometime around Today, Gibson primarily uses the Epiphone brand as their high value, lower priced overseas-built alternative to their top tier Gibson USA models.

All Epiphone models sold in the United States are subjected to a 15 point inspection process, and are “set up” in the USA by trained Gibson employees at their Nashville facility. Around , Les Paul, a legendary musician and musical electronics and solidbody guitar pioneer, created one of his early solid bodied guitars after-hours in the Epiphone factory out of a 4X4″ piece of wood. On to this he later attached side “wings” from a Epiphone hollowbody guitar in order to give it a more conventional look.

This guitar, known as “The Log”, was later shown to Gibson executives, who initially passed on the idea of building them, but they changed their mind within a couple of years and the Les Paul Model guitar as we know it today was first released in These early “gold top” models were later joined by the black Les Paul Customs, and then the sunburst “Standards” of the late s. Several Epiphone Les Paul models are very close to the classic Gibson models upon which they are based, while other models are designed with different features to keep the entry price low for students and budget-minded players.

For example, some Epiphone Les Paul models use bolt-on neck construction and “slab” bodies which are generally less expensive to manufacture, while others stick with tradition and have arched maple tops and glued-in necks like their high-end Gibson counterparts. At the mid and upper range of the Epiphone Les Paul range, most guitars retain practically all of the other essential Les Paul features — two humbucking or P90 single coil pickups, two volume and two tone controls, a three-way selector switch, body and neck binding, In addition to such long-running models as the Les Paul Standard, Studio and Custom, Epiphone has also released various artist signature and limited edition Les Paul models over the years.

These usually offer artist-endorsed combinations of features and cosmetics, or custom improvements and appearance upgrades that are not normally found on the standard models.

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Well this is an extremely rare Gibson EB-6 bass (or to be exact a baritone) guitar!!! Only EB-6 basses were manufactured from to 67 were the single pick-up, semi-hollow body, made in & 61 (also on this website).

When Tim Shaw arrived at Gibson in , one of his first assignments was to help with designing a companion Guitar to the newly designed E2 Explorer Guitar. This companion guitar would be the new Gibson V2. The general shape of previous Flying V’s was retained by Gibson, but the new V2 sported a new 5-layered sculptured walnut and maple body. This layering was known at Gibson as the “Sandwich” and the sculpted body gave the layering a 3D effect. Knobs were moved off the pickguard, and a Pearl Gibson logo was inlaid into the black headstock, along with gold Gibson Tuners.

Gibson felt this would provide the sustain and brilliance they wanted for the new V2. The through models used the “boomerang” humbucker pickups that were designed to sound like single coils with lower noise. Beginning in , the pickups were changed to the “Dirty finger” pickups that were available on only a few models in the early s, including the Explorer, ES , ES S and the Flying V. Only V2’s were shipped in Besides the high price, some players complained about the non-traditional sounding humbucker pickups and the weight of the guitar.

Sales were poor for the first 2 years of the V2’s availability, and Gibson was scrambling to find ways to increase demand for these guitars from the dealers. It became apparent by the early s that the maple top version wasn’t selling as well as the walnut top guitars. To move the maple-top inventory, Gibson began to offer various color finishes to supplement the initial offering of natural finishes.

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Kramer Guitars emerged in the s as one of the first successful upstarts to challenge Gibson and Fender as a world-wide leader in manufacturing quality electric guitars and basses. Kramer’s association with guitar virtuoso Eddie Van Halen early in his career gave Kramer a global reputation for creating unique guitars with custom features including the sophisticated Floyd RoseTM tremolo.

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Product page for Flying V guitars from Gibson Gibson Flying V Electric Guitars We use cookies to understand how you use our site, give you an awesome experience, and deliver our services.

If you’re looking for an easy to play guitar, the action doesn’t get any lower than this baby. Excellent value and quality that’s typical of Korea today. This model was only made in one small run so there aren’t many of these around – most of the Harm 3 models feature the cats eye f-hole in a semi-hollow design while this model was a limited edition production model that’s no longer available.

It features a solid archtop mahogany body, 22 fret maple set-neck with ebony fretboard and synthetic bone nut, side markers on the side of fretboard only, jumbo frets, flat The setup on this guitar is superb and the tone is warm and rich, very good choice for anything besides metal. Last Guitar , pic2. More pics and full description at this link: Owned by Martin Miranda, my world-class tech, who was a close friend of Bernie and this was the last guitar that Bernie ever built, albeit not quite finished, and he was working on it the very day of his untimely passing.

Click the link for a full description and feel free to email Martin Miranda directly at the address on the page.

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Reverse Flying V Reviewed by: When will UG be reviewing the Gibson Robot guitar?? The details given hereafter are valid for Flying Vs but may not be accurate for othe the last digit of the year and the following 4 chronologic serial number In , Gibson produced guitars following a different numbering scheme. How To Buy A Guitar:

Epiphone presents the new Limited Edition Flying-V Custom, one of the most original designs in rock n roll, featuring the historic Flying-V profile with Custom style binding and inlays, Epiphone Ceramic Plus Open-Coil Humbuckers, and Grover Rotomatic tuners.

Rock and Pop Memorabilia sale, on 24 June The amplifier is currently owned by Brad Rodgers of whocollection. June , Monterey Pop, showing two Super Beatles, with tops reversed on the chrome roller rack. Pedal is a Marshal Supa Fuzz. The Super Beatle was the made-for-U. Thomas Organ owned the rights to distribute Vox in the U. The reason for the difference in gear in the North American shows was that the group could not afford the cost of importing their full gear and, instead, rented or borrowed gear once arriving in the U.

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Rex or Paul Stanley of K. The Gibson Flying V is a hot guitar with a futuristic look that found many fans in the glam rock era of the s and the hair metal days of the s. Other iconic players, such as Jimi Hendrix and Keith Richards, have also dabbled with the Flying V’s stage-worthy look. Instead of an hourglass shape, the guitar body has a “V” shaped design and a powerful electric sound.

In , Gibson announced the Gibson Les Paul Artist Series – Pete Townshend Deluxe Gold Top ’76, based on Pete’s Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Gold Top that he smashed at .

Fernandes is the parent company that made most of the company’s Fender replica guitars under its own Fernandes name. Burny is the brand name or division that focused on the making of Gibson replica guitars. For their Fender copies, they were forced to change their headstock shape completely. The rare old Fender and Gibson “lawsuit” replicas that can be found are extremely accurate in their attention to detail that the original Fender and Gibsons had. The headstock logos were dead ringers from 15 feet away.

On the Revival Stratocaster, the saddles were stamped like Fenders, except bore the F. Other details were uncanny, too, in their replication of the Fender Strat. The Tele was just as meticulously cloned as well. Most Japanese guitar manufacturers used the model number to reflect the list price of the guitar. They say the feel of the neck is identical and especially enjoy the tone of the pickups.

The pickups Burny and Fernandes made for their Fender and Gibson clones are highly-regarded as some of the best vintage replica pickups. Fernandes used L , L Vintage II, and L single coil pickups in their Fender-style guitars, while the Burny models were fitted with the now famous VH-1 pickups that have extraordinary tone.

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Dec 03,  · Here’s onefor allyu KISS fans out there – remeber the L6-S? The Paul Stanley Guitar he played on Midnight Special back inthe 70’s? I believe thisis a bolt on neck Gibson.

Also, a research of the serial number yielded negative results for any Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. News; Price Guide; Video Crescent Serial Numbers – … 1 – Notes about Crescent serial numbers This is one of the most frequent questions to hit the GNW editor’s mailbox every week. Gibson U Harp Guitar … Summary. The “inked on” serial number on a Les Paul standard solidbody guitar. This style serial number was used on all to Crescent full size 6 string acoustic guitar in good condition body wise, great sounding guitar.

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This is most probably the model that led to the Medalion Flying V and the subsequent productions until These pictures and information were given to me by Tim Lee. We spent some weeks going over the features of the guitar detail by detail to finaly agree on the purpose and date. There are some unmistakable details such as the appearing tenon in the V curve refer to medallion page for picture to date this instrument although the serial number could also point to This is one of 15 such guitars that year Gibson was experiencing several things amongs which the decal logo on the peghead.

I have seen a flying V with a Gibson-style headstock as well as Explorer type headstocks but these are extremely rare! – What I call “Jackson headstock” necks began production sometime in late early (after the RR guitar was designed, the Jackson headstock was incorporated into the Charvel line).

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