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Early life[ edit ] Leeteuk is the youngest of two children. His father, Park Yong-in, and his mother divorced in Pre-debut[ edit ] When Leeteuk and his older sister, Park Inyoung , traveled to Myeongdong for a holiday in early , he was recommended by a talent scout to audition for SM Entertainment ‘s Starlight Casting System. After several test recordings and performances, he signed with SM Entertainment and became a trainee. In , he was put into five-member boyband Smile, with future bandmate Donghae and aimed to be a rival group of TVXQ. The project was dropped and they were then put into rotational group Super Junior along with ten other boys. His stage name denotes being “special” as his agency wants him to be a special member in the group. Debut with Super Junior, Sub-groups[ edit ] Main article:

The Reason Why Super Junior’s Kangin and Sungmin Did Not Perform at SMTOWN

Fans may not always know it, but sometimes behind an idol’s smile is a difficulty we never knew they have encountered. And just like the ordinary people, Super Junior’s Leeteuk had experienced what it feels like to carry the world over your shoulder. Advertisement According to Allkpop , Leeteuk has suffered from depression while completing his mandatory military service.

Amid service for the nation, the Super Junior revealed three family members died while he was away, which he considered as the most difficult phase of his life.

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The group debuted on August 5, and became very successful in South Korea and across the world. She featured on the Heading to the Ground soundtrack, singing a duet with Taeyeon in the song SarangInGulYo and another song titled Motion performed with the vocal line of the group. She participated in the S. Voice Acting Sunny took part in voice acting for animated film Koala Kid: Sunny alongside with Yuri was a part of reality show Invincible Youth in which they were a part of G7, consisting of 7 girls from idol groups.

On October 17, it was confirmed that Sunny would be joining for the second season of Invincible Youth 2, a Korean reality show alongside with Hyoyeon. She is the only returning member from original G7.

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Introduction Kim Hee-chul was born on July 10th of Heechul is a member of the popular South Korean boy group Super Junior. He is a singer, actor, model and also plays piano and drums.

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Leeteuk’s life has never been easy to begin with. Coming from a difficult family background, he becomes the leader of Super Junior and with that he has to carry a heavy burden and all the responsibilities. Ae Ra carries another type of burden, a secret no one knows about. To the world, she’s weird.

Leeteuk arrived with black suit, and dark hat on. He walked in with a pained expression. The sudden passing made him dazed. His sister, Park In Young, was already there, and as soon as she saw her brother Leeteuk, she started crying. Leeteuk, after comforting his sister, took off his hat. Then he stood in front of the portrait of the deceased, and did a deep bow with a heavy heart. When he looked back up, his face was red and his eyes were filled with tears. I started to cry. Some media said they were not passed away at car crash but in suicidal way.

They said, grandparents were found strangled, lying side by side on a bed, while the father was in the same room hanging from a wardrobe handle. So inhuman, sell drama only for web ratings.

Leeteuk Played a Big Part in YoonA and Lee Seung Gi’s Relationship?

If you guys haven’t known yet, Leeteuk’s dad who was abusive towards him when he was little and grandparents died in the year His father might’ve killed his parents which is even worser. Because of this, he went through a deep depression in the military and even thought of killing himself. Yes, you guys are seeing Leeteuk smiling and being happy on shows that he’s in but Leeteuk was not this kind of person before when he was in the military thus his dark past.

It was also around this time that he started getting depression and have thoughts of suicide and received treatment for it.

Leeteuk would be one of the last people in all of K-pop to give the benefit of the doubt to but I guess people have short memories or can’t help but fall into the “oppar didn’t mean it” mindset yet again.

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Super Junior Profile

He is also the leader of Super Junior and a very great leader at that. PARK JUNG SOO, the man who is the leader of 14 children, the man who went through so many hardships in his lifetime, the man who stays strong everyday, the man who never gave up no matter the cause, the man who keeps smiling every day despite the problems and obstacles he faced. He talked abut suffering from depression while serving in the army and going through the death of his father, who left ill words for him in his will as well as 5 billion won in debt that Leeteuk had to pay off by even selling his car and increasing his schedules.

Aug 01,  · Back to ‘Super Junior’ artist page Super Junior – MAMACITA (아야야)(Uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh, oh oh) [Siwon] neoneun wae jigeum ibeul maggo innaheulleoganeun sullidaero ddareugiro haenna geunyang swit! hamyeon jamjamhaejil geol.

Edit In October , he auditioned to become a singer through the Starlight Casting System, and was initially placed in a four-member group called “Four Seasons” along with Jaejoong, Yunho and Kangin. Entertainment to form the group “Super Junior 05”, the first generation of Super Junior. In December , he confessed, He was preparing to debut as Trax main vocalist. He also revealed that he had frequent clashes and misunderstandings with the person in charge at SM at that time.

Therefore, he became frustrated and abandoned his Trax debut and returned to his hometown in Gangwon Province. His first acting role was in teen drama Sharp 2 alongside bandmate Kibum on before the debut of Super Junior. Shortly afterwards, he appeared in an episode of the series Loveholic and was a regular MC for the cable music show Show! He also appeared on entertainment programs such as Heroine 6. However, plans changed and the company declared a halt in forming future Super Junior generations.

Following the addition of thirteenth member Kyuhyun , the group dropped the suffix “05” and became officially credited as Super Junior. The re-polished group’s first CD single ” U ” was released on 7 June , which was their most successful single until the release of ” Sorry, Sorry ” in March Following their debut, Heechul again appeared alongside Kibum for the sixth season of Nonstop —06 , and also starred in Bad Family ,[8] Golden Bride —

Super Junior member profiles

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However, he felt himself going limp while inside of her. Frustrated, he decided to talk to Leeteuk about the situation.

Jan 07,  · Reblogged By: La Tray. Source:YouTube / xinmsn. Media: YouTube / xinmsn. Posted: Tuesday January 7, @ p.m. PST. Leeteuk’s Father and Grandparents Funeral.

I like him because his beautiful voice. Since I like Yesung so, I will try to reveal some facts related to Yesung. Yesung is in first ranking. Followed by Ryewook and kyuhyun. Yesung has unique laugh. He really likes laugh. You can listen his extraordinary laugh among others. I think his laugh has harmonization…LOL. But I agree that the most unique laugh goes to the leader, Eeteuk.

Yesung has a touching syndrome. His fellows in Suju revealed this in one show. According to Heechul, Yesung touched his philtrum while saying Heechul hyung, Heechul hyung.. But the fact is other members try to take revenge. Yesung has a bad habit.

OMG! Kpop star’s Father & Grandparents possibly committed suicide; found dead in their home

July 24, Do you know that Leeteuk was the first one who open his heart to Sora? In one of Sora interview she describes Leeteuk’s heart in detailed because Teuk was able to open his heart to her and see his vulnerability. He is really a good person that I could learn a lot from him. Even though he has been hurt much, he did not show it. Since he is a leader he needs to holds himself up to mumbling and complaining.

17 Senin Nov Posted by anisakj in SNSD “I heard that Leeteuk gives dating advice to all SM artists. Did Sulli get advice from you too?” In response, Leeteuk explained, “That was around the time I had been discharged from the military so I didn’t have a part [in that].”.

Musical career[ edit ] — Formation and debut[ edit ] In , SM Entertainment held their first overseas casting auditions in Beijing , China and recruited Hankyung , who auditioned against three thousand applicants. Sungmin and Donghae became trainees after jointly winning first place in an SM-sponsored contest in In , Heechul and Kangin were recruited along with Kibum , who was discovered in Los Angeles , California by a casting agent. Siwon became a trainee after being scouted in Shindong became a trainee in Ryeowook won the Chin Chin Youth Festival singing competition and became a trainee just two months before debut in In early , Lee Soo-man announced that he had been preparing for an all-boy project group of twelve members to debut at the end of the year.

He called this singing group to be “The Gateway to Stardom of Asia,” [9] as most of the members in this group were chosen for their experiences as actors, MCs , models, and radio hosts prior debut. Heechul and Kibum were already established actors at the time, and most of the other members had already made various kinds of appearances in television and media. This concept was then newly introduced to the K-pop market. For a while the group was rumoured to be called O.